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To which church era did Jesus say "You are neither cold nor hot."

Revelation 3:15

Six Days Shalt Thou Work
Good News Magazine
February-March 1955
Volume: Vol V, No. 2
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Six Days Shalt Thou Work
Garner Ted Armstrong   
Church of God

Born: February 9, 1930
Died: September 15, 2003
Member Since: 1930
Ambassador College: 1956
Ordained: 1955
Office: Evangelist

ARE YOU denying Christ? "Certainly not!" you hasten to answer. But wait! Jesus Christ came to this earth to set us an example that we should follow in His steps. He lived an active, vigorous life - a life filled with ZEAL. with robust health and real live vitality! It may come as a shock to realize that perhaps YOU have been denying your very Saviour! First and foremost, Jesus Christ came teaching OBEDIENCE to God the Father. His message was concerned with a WAY of life! That way of life was not only taught by Jesus - it was LIVED by Him - perfectly! The ten great commandments, which are living, irrevocable LAWS - express the very root and foundation of that WAY of obedience. Christ said "If you love me, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS" (John 14:15). One Of those commandments is a sign of identification between God and His true people. And yet - it seems that some have OVERLOOKED a part of this great LAW.

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Good News MagazineFebruary-March 1955Vol V, No. 2
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