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Which tribe in Israel was totally exempt from military services?
The Levites

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Good News Magazine
September 1955
Volume: Vol V, No. 4
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DO YOU like to be told you're WRONG about something? Chances are, you don't. Most human beings do not like to be told they're wrong! Possibly you've heard it said that one of the most difficult things for a human being to do is to admit that he's been wrong. A truer statement was never made! To the complacent "man on the street" with the self-satisfied "this is the way I look at it" idea, it never occurs that perhaps there is something terribly WRONG with him! Has this thought ever occurred to you? Most of us can READILY see the mistakes of others, and that fact is hardly necessary to repeat - became we all know it! We're anxious to criticize. We frequently voice our "opinions" about prices, about taxes, and wages. We become annoyed with our Government, with our neighbor, with our friends and relatives. But - HAVE WE EVER BECOME ANNOYED WITH OURSELVES?

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1955Vol V, No. 4