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I Kings 5:5

God's Church GROWS!
Good News Magazine
August 1957
Volume: Vol VI, No. 8
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God's Church GROWS!

Do you realize how many true churches of God now exist in local areas? You should understand and REJOICE over the many people God is continually adding to His Church. They are YOUR BRETHREN! THE ETERNAL has raised up local churches of God in nineteen different cities in the United States, and one in London, England. Nearly every year, new churches are being added! And throughout the nation and in Britain, hundreds are being baptized to full repentance each year who are unable - as yet - to attend a true church of God. God is adding to His church throughout the world! These people are our brethren - our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. All of us together who are converted comprise the very body of Jesus Christ - the Spirit-begotten family of the Eternal God.

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Good News MagazineAugust 1957Vol VI, No. 8