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How did Stephen die?
He was stoned to death.

Acts 7:58

Good News Magazine
February 1958
Volume: Vol VII, No. 2
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If you are, it's possible you're BRINGING IT ON YOURSELF! Check up, and be sure! "You SAY it's got HAM in it? Why, lady, don't you know hog meat's UNCLEAN?" exclaimed the zealous believer, ordering a meal in a restaurant. Could this be you? Some of the brethren, not yet MATURE in the faith, but zealously wanting to let their light shine, begin to vociferously proclaim to everyone that certain meats or packaged foods are an "abomination" to God! Many of you may remember Mr. Armstrong had to rebuke some members of God's Church sharply at the Feast of Tabernacles two years ago about openly condemning the eating habits of worldly people. Since that time, there have been letters from some of the brethren indicating the problem has not been entirely overcome! God's Church Persecuted; "But God's Church is a PERSECUTED Church!" reason some, and then proceed to BRING PERSECUTION ON THEMSELVES - and discredit upon the work of God!

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Good News MagazineFebruary 1958Vol VII, No. 2