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Matthew 26:36

What Church Members should know about MASONRY - Part 2
Good News Magazine
January 1959
Volume: Vol VIII, No. 1
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What Church Members should know about MASONRY - Part 2

Is it all right to be a Mason? What is membership in the Lodge like? It is a highly respected Christian organization, isn't it? Here are surprising answers based on Mr. Elliott's revealing book in this second of a series of articles to our Church brethren. THE FIRST installment of this series gave the facts and figures of the size, importance and structure of Masonry. It also makes plain how the Lodge foists off ambiguous and extravagant claims on the gullible unquestioning public. Claims which are heralded widely but which are not backed up by any proof because Lodge activities and teachings are secretly closed to non-members. Even the prospective member cannot know what lies ahead until he has been carefully screened, accepted and sworn to the strictest secrecy. During the initiation ceremony, the candidate is also required to solemnly swear never to reveal any of the secrets of Masonry under any less penalty than having his throat cut across, his tongue torn out by the roots, and his body buried in the rough sands of the sea.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1959Vol VIII, No. 1