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German Broadcast Pierces IRON CURTAIN!
Good News Magazine
April 1960
Volume: Vol IX, No. 4
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German Broadcast Pierces IRON CURTAIN!

Thousands in Communist-dominated Eastern Europe are listening to the World Tomorrow. Here are some of the surprising responses we have received. THE World Tomorrow now pierces the Iron Curtain in three languages - English, Russian and German! Surprising letters are reaching our offices. Here is how the programs are affecting Europe! Many refugees from Russia are listening to the broadcast on Radio Monte Carlo in English and in Russian. We have received recently an inspiring letter from hundreds of miles east of Moscow - from a community near the Ural Mountains bordering on Asia. There a group is listening to the Russian broadcast each week. But in the Communist-dominated countries of Eastern Europe, the one non-Slavic language most widely understood is German. Hundreds of thousands of German-speaking people - many of them Slavic people who have learned German - are tuned in to the German broadcast of The World Tomorrow beamed across the Iron Curtain. Dozens of letters each month are coming into our London office from Poland and East Germany - not to mention Yugoslavia, which has broken away from Moscow domination.

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Good News MagazineApril 1960Vol IX, No. 4