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II Kings 18:13

Thousands Observe PENTECOST!
Good News Magazine
July 1960
Volume: Vol IX, No. 7
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Thousands Observe PENTECOST!

From the United States and abroad come reports from God's ministers! HISTORY is being made! More of God's people were gathered together to observe this annual Holy Day than perhaps at any time since the days of the apostles! GOD's people experienced a wonderful blessing in the last annual Holy Day - the Day of Pentecost! For many, it was the very first opportunity to meet together with brethren of like faith, and to know the joy of personal fellowship with other begotten children of God. As a result of the FRUIT being born at Ambassador College, and the new doors God is opening before His Church each year, it was possible to hold services over the entire week-end of June 4, 5 and 6 in many different areas. This made it possible for many to attend Pentecost services who had not been privileged to meet together before. In this article you will see reports from many of God's ministers from various places around the world, in their own words, of just what took place.

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Good News MagazineJuly 1960Vol IX, No. 7