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What Do You Mean..."BIBLE OUT-OF-DATE"?

Why do so few today really STUDY the Bible? Is it an outdated book as critics claim? Read the surprising answer.

   OVER 1900 years ago, the greatest newscaster the world has ever known predicted today's present chaotic world conditions! He foresaw today's scientific discoveries and technological advancements, and the crisis in the Middle East! And He foresaw the outcome!
   He knew that men would produce the destructive forces that now threaten COSMOCIDE suicide of the human race!
   This famous newscaster warned today's world leaders: "And except the Lord had shortened those days, NO FLESH should be saved [alive]" (Mark 13:20).
   This great news prophet was Jesus Christ! What He foretold has been in your Bible all these centuries. Believe it or not, no other book is as up-to-date as your Bible!

Yet Most Christians Ignore It

   You would be shocked to know the real reason why most professing Christians believe the Bible is outdated. It's explained by this eye-opening example of what is occurring in the churches today, as related by a startled newspaper reporter:
   "Some months ago, a Protestant pastor administered a Bible quiz to members of his congregation. The questions were very simple. Anyone with a general knowledge of the Bible should have been able to answer all of them easily.
   "The results staggered the pastor!
   "Only five percent of his flock made a commendable grade on the test. Fifteen percent failed to give a single correct answer. Sixty percent were unable to name the four Gospels. Seventy-five percent could not identify Calvary as the place where Jesus was crucified.
   "Some congregations might do better than that. But not many. The vast majority of Americans today are Bible illiterates! They simply have never read the book which they profess to regard as the 'Word of God.' " (Louis Cassels; Courier-Times, Tyler, Texas)
   This amazing quotation is not an isolated case! Similar quotes frequently come into our News Bureau here in Pasadena, California.
   Why are churchgoers and professing Christians so ignorant about the teachings of the Bible?
   There is a reason.

Not Taught to Understand It

   This newspaper reporter continued to explain why most professing Christians do not read or study God's Holy inspired Word.
   "A great many people have turned away from the Bible because, when they do try to read it, they find they cannot understand it... To the modern reader, it has a remote and antiquarian flavor. It is likely to leave him with the impression the Bible is an ancient history book that has no real relevance to his life here and now."
   So most people think the Bible is merely a dull, dry history of the ancient past that it has nothing to do with today's modern pulsating SPACE AGE!
   But the TRUTH of the Holy Bible, when really understood, is more modern and UP-TO-DATE than the most modern textbook ever written!

What it all Means to YOU

   Today we are living in the last days of this age the time of the death throes of man's civilization! You need to realize you're living in a time when you yes, you are being threatened with extinction at any moment! For only in this present age of hydrogen bombs, intercontinental rockets and orbiting satellites has it been possible to wipe out entire cities even the WHOLE EARTH OVERNIGHT!
   We are actually living in the time of which the apostle Paul spoke when he said, "This know... that in the LAST DAYS perilous times shall come" (II Tim. 3:1).
   That time is now!
   You are actually witnessing that climactic time of which so many prophecies speak that time of atheistic, godless, defiant man, trembling on the brink of nuclear holocaust that time marking the end of this age, and the approach of the glorious Utopia of the World Tomorrow!
   You need desperately to know how you can SURVIVE this hazardous time of threatening worldwide conflict to know how to live on over into that wonderful World Tomorrow!
   That's why you need to know more about our specially prepared and newly illustrated Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course and how you can receive it free of charge.
   What can it mean to you? It can mean a true understanding of world affairs. It can mean your ETERNAL SALVATION!

It's Up to You!

   Enroll in the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY if you want to really understand the answers to the BIG questions concerning your very existence that you have always wondered about if you want to know the meaning of today's chaotic world conditions and how you may escape the nuclear holocaust awaiting this present generation!
   There will be no obligation on your part, except that we expect you to STUDY your Bible at least one-half hour a day with the help of these Bible lessons. Remember, this is a BIBLE STUDY Course. The lessons are designed to lead you into a systematic study of your BIBLE!
   Upon receiving your request, we will send you the first free 16-page monthly lesson. This will be followed by three additional monthly lessons after which you will receive a simple test. The only purpose for this examination is to show us whether or not you are interested enough in the lessons to CONTINUE the course. But you need not worry about it! The vast majority who have taken the time to study the first four lessons, pass their exam very easily.
   But you do have to study your Bible!
   So don't put off your request to be enrolled in the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course. It's like no other Bible course you've ever seen! Do it right now before you FORGET!

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