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Gods Work in Britain Leaps Ahead!
Good News Magazine
December 1960
Volume: Vol IX, No. 12
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Gods Work in Britain Leaps Ahead!

New churches have been raised up. Scores have been baptized. The new college is off to a wonderful start! WE WERE sailing across the Atlantic but a few short months ago on the SS United States. With us on board ship was the Treasurer of the United States, Ivy Baker Priest, and many other dignitaries. With my recently - purchased tiny transistor radio - small enough to fit into your coat pocket - I made my way up to the sports deck. It was a cold, black night. Most of the passengers were either already in bed or having a last "fling" in the ship's cocktail lounge and ballroom, as we would be landing in France early the next morning. Then the ship sailed on to England. But soon - alone up there with the wind and the waves - I was in an entirely different atmosphere. "And GREETINGS friends!" the voice boomed across the water, "this is Garner Ted Armstrong with the Good News of The World Tomorrow."

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Good News MagazineDecember 1960Vol IX, No. 12