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December 1967
Volume: Vol XXXII, No.12
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This year — 1967 — the USSR threw open its doors to visitors. To bring our readers the true picture of life under Communism — and insight into the little-known goals of the Communist Party, we continue in this issue, the second in a series of spectacular eyewitness reports on the Soviet Union.

Moscow, USSR
   ONE EARLY morning during the third week in September, 1953 a man with suitcase in hand quietly walked down the fire stairs of a New York hotel. Leaving the hotel he made a telephone call, then hired a taxi — and defected.
   That man was Marek Korowicz, a member of Communist Poland's delegation to the United Nations. The day after his defection he disclosed the Master Plan of the Soviet Union.
   U.S. officials were stunned by the disclosure.

Unveiling Soviet Master Plan

   As a representative of a communist regime — though he himself was not a Communist — Mr. Korowicz was thoroughly instructed in the Soviet Union's program to communize the world.
   The Master Plan of the Soviet Union, revealed Korowicz, calls for the overthrow of the non-Communist world between 1970 and 1980 — most probably by 1975! But — added the escaped official — "the Kremlin feels that under present circumstances, war is not the best way to achieve their aims."
   Communist officials know only too well that a full military confrontation with the U.S. would lead to the destruction of both nations. Russia is not going to provoke a Third World War now. But the Soviet Union openly admits it is plotting the overthrow of every non-Communist government.

"We Are Revolutionaries" Soviet Officials Affirm

   Wherever we traveled in the Soviet Union we discussed the subject of war and world revolution. Party members and candidates for the party usually answered our questions frankly. In conferences with Soviet historians, in conversations with doctors, plant managers and peasants, the message is the same.
   The Soviet Union, they reiterated, is concerned over the possibility of war with the United States. "We are not warmongers," they would retort, "we are revolutionaries! The way to end oppression and poverty and bring peace is through revolution! But you Americans are willing to go to war to stop the forces of liberation!"
   There is the key to the problem!

A Struggle the West Does NOT Understand

   Communists have a goal. They have a sense of purpose. Their mission in life is to "liberate" the world from economic and religious slavery.
   They see most of the world's three billion people weighted down by unhappiness, suffering, poverty, disease and oppression. They see the superstition and confusion that for centuries has masqueraded under the banner of religion. They would like peace. Only problem is — they don't know the way to peace!
   Communists are dedicated to the philosophy that the only way to peace and prosperity is through revolution — through the overthrow of all governments that oppose the establishment of a Communist Utopia. Even little children — as the one seen speaking in the picture on this page — are taught this philosophy in Soviet kindergartens and schools.
   Communism is essentially a belief that the cause of the world's primary ills is economic.
   Private ownership of means of production, said our Soviet hosts, leads to the economic oppression of one class (the workers and peasants) by another (the land and factory owners). To stop oppression, ownership of the means of production must be transferred to the State. But that cannot be achieved unless those who own the means of production are forced to give up their right to private ownership. Since they naturally will not give up their privately owned wealth, they must be liquidated. But they cannot be liquidated if the government and the police and the army support them. Hence, said our hosts, the need of revolution to overthrow the old regimes.
   Most people, according to Communist Party doctrine, are misled by their capitalist and/or fascist oppressors. They would never vote for the ouster of capitalism and the establishment of Communism. Therefore, according to Communist theory, the only way to help the people is by revolution — by over throwing those who mislead and oppress the people. The present Cold War, said one historian to us as we rode a hydrofoil down the Volga to the Volga-Don canal, is a last-ditch attempt by capitalism to prevent the liberation of the people by revolution.
   Bad economics is not the primary source of the world's ills. It is a cause, not the cause — and communism is not the answer! The real cause is rebellious, undisciplined, lawless, God-resenting human nature!
   But how did Communists come to believe so naοvely that the world's ills are caused by economic oppression and need only an economic remedy?

What Founders of Communism Took for Granted

   Let the Communists themselves answer — in an official publication Lenin on State and Democracy, by A. Spirkin. It's available in English at most any Soviet airport. It is published by the Novosti Press Agency. The "Introduction" says:
   "People have long dreamed of a free and happy life. Their dreams were like a fairy tale in which fantastic pictures of universal prosperity blended with a vivid portrayal of a Utopian society where good and justice reigned supreme in relations between all its members.
   "Humanity traversed a long and arduous path in the struggle for a society which liberated men from humiliating exploitation and ensured him the possibility of living a worthy life and displaying freely all his gifts..."
   Notice two important points. First, Communists know people would like to be happy. Second, they equate happiness with a state of fantastic universal prosperity.
   Haven't you often thought that if only you could have more money to buy more things you would be happy? Of course you have!
   And so, too, have Communists.
   Prosperity, a better income, more physical conveniences can add to happiness. But these things are not the true source of happiness!
   The founders of Communism — Marx and Engels — took for granted that physical things were the source of happiness. They had been schooled in the rationalistic institutions of Germany. They accepted, without question, the tenets of German rationalism. They were atheists because their teachers were. Since they knew no God as the source of happiness, the only source they could turn to for happiness was the material world around them. Hence developed the economic philosophy of Communism — the devil's economic, social and political counterfeit of the Kingdom of God. To continue with A. Spirkin's "Introduction":
   "But the real road to genuine democracy was discovered and put on a scientific basis by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the founders of scientific communism. Their teaching was subsequently creatively developed by Vladimir Lenin, founder of the world's first socialist state, a state of a new type.
   "In his works Lenin gave a profound and solid foundation for and a thorough analysis of the development of the socialist state and democracy and showed their radical difference from the bourgeois state and bourgeois democracy."
   Communists use the word "bourgeois" — it's an old French word meaning a freedman of a medieval town, or a shopkeeper — to mean the capitalist West. And when Communists speak of democracy, they mean something altogether different from the Western idea of democracy or freedom of choice. As one historian told us privately at Volgograd, "Our definitions are different. We don't mean the same things you do when we use the same words!"
   Indeed they don't!

Communist Double Talk

   Our Communist hosts may have been sincere. But they did think Soviet definitions of democracy, of freedom, of revolution and liberation, and of the State were at least clever — worth a smile. Listen to Lenin's definition of the State: "The State is a machine for the oppression of one class by another." (Lenin, Selected Works, vol. 3, p. 286)
   Indeed in the Soviet Union it is — and Soviet citizens know it — and admit it! I asked one Communist Party member in the Turkmen SSR about the old idea that the State will gradually wither away as people become better and better. "The State will never wither away," he responded. "There will always be problems that need to be solved." Solved Lenin's way — by suppression.
   "The State," continued Lenin in
   Collected Works, vol. 24, p. 85, in the proper sense of the term is domination over the people by contingents of armed men divorced from people."
   Most Westerners have never been told these shocking definitions of Lenin. Western educators have too long hidden their heads in the sands of intellectual nonsense, hoping that Communism would somehow vanish.
   It is time you opened your ears to what Communism has planned for you. They are not hiding their ideas. They discussed them openly with us. We bought their books — or were given them — from which I have taken these quotes.
   Now listen to Lenin's definition of Democracy:
   "Democracy is a state which recognizes the subordination of the minority to the majority, i.e. an organization for the systematic use of violence by one class against the other, by one section of the population against another." (Lenin, Selected Works, vol. 2, p. 87)
   You don't think the Soviet Union is a Democracy? It is — Soviet style. You don't think the USSR believes in Democracy? It does — Soviet style. By definition, their Democracy is a State or organization for the systematic use of violence by one class against another, by one section of the population against another.
   And they believe in it! — at least that section that calls itself the majority!
   The leaders of the USSR believe so thoroughly in Lenin's kind of Democracy that they opened their doors to thousands of tourists this year — the fiftieth anniversary of the Unfinished Revolution. They believe their form of government is the only way to economic prosperity, peace and happiness. They believe so much in it — or are deceived so much by it — that they wanted visitors to see their efforts with their own eyes.
   What we saw and heard we are reporting to you in the pages of The PLAIN TRUTH — and will continue to report in coming issues.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1967Vol XXXII, No.12