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What material did Noah use to stop the Ark from leaking?
Tar (pitch).

Genesis 6:14

The People of God Are Blessed!
Good News Magazine
March 1961
Volume: Vol X, No. 3
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The People of God Are Blessed!

A new office in Canada! A new church in Wichita! Blessings and healing in the local churches. THOUGH persecuted and opposed by the forces of Satan, God's people are richly BLESSED. Having a direct part in the very WORK of the body of Jesus Christ is a wonderful challenge and privilege to every one of us! Many of you scattered brethren have constant trials, problems, persecutions. But as each year passes, those of us in God's work who have direct contact with thousands of you realize more deeply than ever how tremendously blessed with a truly "abundant life" (John 10:10) God's people in this age really are! After all, what would life be without any real purpose and challenge and trial? And out of them all, God has delivered and WILL deliver! As the Apostle Paul said, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Rom. 8:31).

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Good News MagazineMarch 1961Vol X, No. 3