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I Samuel 10:21

Plain Truth Magazine
March 1968
Volume: Vol XXXIII, No.3
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BIG world events are moving ahead fast - not in Vietnam, but in Palestine! A mysterious pattern of little-understood events, now emerging, is destined to SHAKE THIS EARTH in your lifetime! Flushed with their overwhelming victory in last summer's Six-Day War, the Jews of the state of Israel brim with confidence. They have what the Yiddish word "chutzpah" describes - impudence, audacity, elan. But they are still surrounded by Arab nations outnumbering them many times over. And the Soviets have replenished the military hardware the Arabs lost in the recent war. What next? What lies ahead for the tiny state of Israel? How is it absolutely certain to affect your life? Ex-Chancellor Ludwig Erhard of Germany just concluded a twelve-day visit to the state of Israel. His visit caused very little stir and few people realized the prophetic meaning of his mission.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1968Vol XXXIII, No.3