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What am I: I am a town about 30 miles south of Jerusalem. A very famous person was born here. A star led the Magi to me.

Matthew 2:1-5

The Bible Story - O LORD, TAKE AWAY MY LIFE!
Plain Truth Magazine
September 1968
Volume: Vol XXXIII, No.9
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The Bible Story - O LORD, TAKE AWAY MY LIFE!

Fire had descended from the sky above Mount Carmel to consume the sacrifice Elijah had prepared for God. Besides burning up the meat and wood, it burned up the stones of the altar, much of the ground under and around it and the water that lay in the ditch surrounding the altar. (I Kings 18:30-38.) The Penalty of Idolatry. Fear gripped the onlookers. They fell to the ground, shouting that God was the only God, and that they had sinned in having anything to do with idols. Some of them shouted resentfully at the priests of Baal. Noting the swiftly growing anger of the crowd against the priests, Elijah held up his hands for silence.

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Plain Truth MagazineSeptember 1968Vol XXXIII, No.9