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Who took the place of Moses after his death?

Deuteronomy 34

Church, Children and CONFUSION!
Good News Magazine
August 1962
Volume: Vol XI, No. 8
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Church, Children and CONFUSION!

Some have not trained their children properly. Is the presence of your children an affront to God Himself in Sabbath services? Do you fathom what's expected of every Christian parent? GOD THUNDERED out of the surging smoke and lashing fire of Sinai, "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it HOLY!" ALL Israel trembled (Ex. 19:16). They realized - they KNEW - they were in the very, actual PRESENCE of God! The ONE GOD who had power over their lives. The ONE GOD who could literally consume them (Deut. 5:25). God IS Present Each Sabbath. Do you comprehend the FACT that you and your family are in the literal PRESENCE of that same God when you attend His convocations?

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Good News MagazineAugust 1962Vol XI, No. 8