Personal from the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1969
Volume: Vol XXXIV, No.4
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Personal from the Editor

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - AT BREAKFAST THIS MORNING, with an associate in a New York hotel, two subjects entered our conversation. One concerned my wife, who died two years ago, and my elder son who died ten and a half years ago. The other a Senate hearing attended in Washington. "Why don't you tell your live million PLAIN TRUTH readers what you just said," suggested my companion, Mr. Stanley R. Rader. He is our general counsel and financial representative, traveling with me from Jerusalem on our return to Pasadena. With Mr. Charles Hunting, Bursar of Ambassador College at the English campus, we had been in Jerusalem for conferences with officials of the Hebrew University, and the Israel Exploration Society, with whom Ambassador College has entered a joint participation in one of the most important archeological projects of all time.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1969Vol XXXIV, No.4