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Recite the eighth commandment.
You shall not steal.

Exodus 20:15

The Story of Man - Because One Man Has Character...
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1969
Volume: Vol XXXIV, No.4
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The Story of Man - Because One Man Has Character...

A gang of undisciplined youths had ridiculed. Elisha on his way to Bethel, and had spoken scornfully of the prophet Elijah. (II Kings 2:22-23.) Right after Elisha had told them that a divine curse should be on them because of what they had said, two angry bears ran out of a nearby wood and into the startled crowd. There were screams of terror and pain as the animals snapped and clawed at the darting, leaping, scrambling group. The bears were both females. Possibly their rage came about because their cubs had been molested by those unruly youths.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1969Vol XXXIV, No.4