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Genesis 8:20
Evangelist Writes From Africa
Good News Magazine
March 1963
Volume: Vol XII, No. 3
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Evangelist Writes From Africa
Gerald D Waterhouse  

Dear Brethren in God's Church: Greetings from Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa! I arrived Wednesday, March 13, at 12:30 p.m. and would like to relate how wonderfully God has blessed the beginnings of establishing churches and the Work in this country - it has been phenomenal! In that we have no offices here and consequently no credit references, you can appreciate more thoroughly what has been accomplished in just two and one half days, up to the weekly Sabbath. First, without any knowledge of where I ought to start looking for suitable facilities in which to conduct Sabbath services, weekly Bible studies and the Passover as well as the Days of Unleavened Bread, Christ very definitely led me in a fast-moving series of events to a most suitable place which is able to accommodate us for all of our needs throughout the entirety of the year!

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Good News MagazineMarch 1963Vol XII, No. 3
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