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What Old Testament prophet prophesied about Judas Iscariot's death and burial?

Matthew 27:9

A CLOSE-UP REPORT - The Work of God In The Philippines!
Good News Magazine
June 1963
Volume: Vol XII, No. 6
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A CLOSE-UP REPORT - The Work of God In The Philippines!

Here is an intimate sketch of how the Work of God began and developed in the far-off Philippines - designed to bring you closer to the happenings of the WORLD-WIDE scope of this end-time Work. These interesting details and candid photos will help you in your prayers asking God's blessing in fulfilling the gigantic commission He has given His Church. FROM THE rain forests of the Congo to the concrete jungles of New York, no area is so isolated or far removed that it is unable to hear the TRUTH of the Creator God. The booming voice of The WORLD TOMORROW encircles the globe probing its way into every inhabited continent of the world in search of those God is beginning to call. One here, two there, prick up attentive ears to the "good news" being beamed their way.

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Good News MagazineJune 1963Vol XII, No. 6