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What did John the Baptist eat?
Locusts and wild honey.

Mark 1:6

Sins of
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Sins of "Modern" Babylon Exposed - Installment Ten

Many wars have been fought in the name of "religion." The Catholic Church - and her Protestant daughters have perpetrated horrible crimes - claiming to be "God's instrument." God shows that their day of reckoning is almost here. THE consequences of the great church COMPROMISE of the fourth century have caused untold human suffering and woe! History has recorded the results of this terrible mistake. The facts are horrifying and hard to imagine. Modern spiritual BABYLON has tried to hide her sins and appear holy and righteous before the world. Her sins are going to be bared for the whole world to see (Rev. 18). God's instructions about fighting are clear and plain. The early Catholic Church of the first few centuries accepted this teaching.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1964Vol XIII, No. 1