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TRAIN Your Children For Sabbath Services
Good News Magazine
August 1965
Volume: Vol XIV, No. 8
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TRAIN Your Children For Sabbath Services

Here are helpful laws of child rearing explained. A minister of Pastor rank, a father of three fine children - Mr. Kelly has written many practical points YOU can apply in training your children to get the most from each Sabbath service. You will be thankful for this article - especially if you studiously APPLY it! IN GOD'S CHURCH every little child from the age of just a few weeks on up to big strapping teen-agers attend the Sabbath services with their parents. There are no special Sabbath schools. No nurseries ! And certainly parents are NOT EXPECTED to leave their children at home. The chances are, at the time you first attended you were startled that so many children were so QUIET. You might have said, "Why, in the church I used to attend parents wouldn't think of bringing their children to services. Children were only allowed in the Sunday School classrooms or they were kept in the nursery room."

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Good News MagazineAugust 1965Vol XIV, No. 8