HERE'S HOW TO - Study God's Word More Effectively!
Good News Magazine
September 1965
Volume: Vol XIV, No. 9
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HERE'S HOW TO - Study God's Word More Effectively!

Are you taking FULL ADVANTAGE of the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course? Here's what you should be doing to make the MOST of each vital lesson.

   NOTICE the Apostle Peter's admonition to all Christians: "Be ready always to give an ANSWER to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you" (I Pet. 3:15).
   What about you?
   Would you be able to explain the truth about the Sabbath to someone who asked for it? Or convict a gainsayer who challenged you about some other point of Bible doctrine?
   Or would you be EMBARRASSED because you couldn't go right down the line, step-by-step, in explaining God's Truth to someone!
   If you're taking full advantage of the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course, then you'll "be ready always to give an answer...."

Purpose for God's Course

   "This course," says Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to each new student in his editorial for Lesson 1, "is a totally new, different kind of Bible study course, designed to lead you, by the study of your own Bible, to the UNDERSTANDING of the meaning of today's world-chaos, of the purpose being worked out here below, of prophecy, of salvation, of this ENTIRE TREASURE-HOUSE of knowledge, which is God's Word the truth."
   God inspired the Bible Correspondence Course to be designed for both the converted and unconverted alike. It helps the converted to become thoroughly grounded in basic Bible doctrines, and it leads the unconverted to saving knowledge.
   This fascinating, yet thorough Bible course is literally changing the lives and bringing increased happiness and understanding to multiple thousands in every continent on earth!
   Over 72,000 students are presently enrolled worldwide! Thousands have written to us expressing their joy and gratitude for the Bible knowledge and understanding the course has revealed to them.

Course Was Sole Teacher

   Mr. Wayne Cole, God's Evangelist in Australia, learned just how effective the Bible course really is when he visited 18 people in New Zealand who requested baptism.
   These people weren't privileged to hear The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast. Yet Mr. Cole found them thoroughly grounded in the basic Bible doctrines and THOROUGHLY REPENTANT!
   The reason?
   He emphasized that it was because they had diligently studied the Bible with the Correspondence Course!
   They had been led step by step, in their Bibles, to the knowledge of salvation and repentance by the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course.
   The knowledge and understanding which the Correspondence Coarse reveals to you in the Bible is something very precious!
   Much of the Truth has been written and published in The PLAIN TRUTH and GOOD NEWS magazines, and in various booklets. But it has never before been systematically organized to give God's complete message in clear, simple, understandable terms, laid out step by step, as in each of these lessons.
   Each lesson because of its carefully concentrated knowledge is a compact "book' of extremely vital, spiritually revealed truth you need to be THOROUGHLY FAMILIAR WITH!

Lessons Help You Study

   Mr. Armstrong often says that a Christian should PRAY at least one-half hour and STUDY his Bible one-half hour each day, to continue growing in God's spiritual character, and remain in the right attitude.
   Are you doing this?
   Here's where the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course will really help you in your Bible study.
   God's course is designed to MAKE You STUDY to "keep your nose in the Bible!" Christ instituted the Bible Correspondence Course through His Church to help feed all the flock EVERY DAY just as our local congregations are fed by their ministers each Sabbath day.
   Remember that in signing up for the course you agreed, covenanted, PROMISED to take it "the way" the instructions stipulate.
   So don't just quickly read over each new lesson. Always be sure to LOOK UP the verses in the Bible and take the time to WRITE OUT every scripture!
   If you always make the most of each lesson, Jesus Christ will see that you're not taking His Truth and the efforts of His called ministers for granted. You'll show by your actions that you really appreciate the tremendous value of His course!
   Here are some more helpful suggestions which you'll also want to put into practice.

Schedule Your Study Time

   To really benefit from the course, each student must devote at least one-half hour EVERY DAY to studying the Bible with his lessons.
   That one-half hour whizzes by before you know it! And you will have already spent one-half of the one hour, or more, you really ought to be spending in Bible study every day.
   If you're like many zealous students, you'll become so engrossed in your study that you won't want to quit until you have studied an additional half-hour or MORE. One lady wrote us that she once studied until about 2:OO a.m. in the morning, before she realized what time it was!
   God says the profitable servant goes above and beyond what is expected of him by God and man! Therefore, as you're able, try to spend extra time studying the Bible.
   Of course, you won't always be able to spend extra time studying every day. But what's vitally important is that you schedule a minimum of one-half hour EVERY DAY for studying the Bible with the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course! Then you'll keep in the habit of regular Bible study.

Review Your Lessons!

   Being human, we all tend to forget much of what we learn. So if, after you have completed your latest lesson, you find that you have a few days to wait until the next one arrives, why not take full advantage of this extra time by reviewing past lessons?
   Unless we're careful, it's easy to slip into the "Athenian frame of mind." In the Apostle Paul's day, they were only interested in hearing and telling something new (Acts 17:21). They thought previously learned knowledge was "old hat" not to be reviewed again!
   In his letter to the Hebrews, the Apostle Paul admonished them for not being thoroughly grounded in the basic Bible doctrines. When they should have gone on to the "meat" of God's Truth, they still needed to be taught AGAIN the "milk," or basic principles, of God's Word! (Heb. 5:12-14.)
   Can you explain the basic doctrines of the Bible as you ought even to your children? If you can't, reviewing the Correspondence Course occasionally will help implant these basic truths so firmly in your mind, you'll never forget them!
   God stresses repetition throughout the Bible as being the best way to learn. Our yearly observance of God's annual Festivals is a good example. Year after year we keep the same Feasts and hear many basic sermons. God wants to THOROUGHLY INGRAIN His plan and purpose in our minds so we'll never forget!
   So take advantage of each opportunity to review. Better still, MAKE the opportunity often in addition to your regular study with the latest lesson!
   Make sure you understand every section of each lesson you have completed. Review your notes and RESTUDY any parts you may have forgotten.
   Also carefully review Lesson 4 for additional helpful hints about getting the most out of your lesson review.

Guard Against Laodicean Attitude

   It is a known fact that a few longstanding members in God's Church have been extremely negligent in studying the Bible with the Correspondence Course!
   And unbelievable as it may sound, some few who attend Church STILL HAVEN'T EVEN ENROLLED IN THE COURSE!!
   You need to enroll IMMEDIATELY if you're one of these few, and begin receiving the newly illustrated lessons! You need to STUDY the Bible with the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course every day one-half hour or more!
   Just because one might attend a local congregation, he doesn't already know and understand perfectly all that is presented in any Correspondence Course lesson! Without realizing it, one with this pathetic attitude is actually saying he's "rich and increased with goods" or spiritual knowledge just as the lukewarm Laodiceans! (Rev. 3:14-17.)
   God makes this valuable daily method of Bible Study available to you through His Church. If you don't take full advantage of it, then you're neglecting a priceless opportunity JESUS CHRIST makes possible!
   He expects you to make the MOST of it!!

Your Reward To Be Great

   The most wonderful words we can ever hope to hear will be Christ's at His return: "Well done, thou good and FAITHFUL SERVANT: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee RULER over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord' (Mat. 25:21).
   Yes, if you have been "faithful" in making the Bible a PART of your very being with the help of the Correspondence Course, then you will be qualified to teach these same truths to thousands perhaps millions of people in the Millennium!
   Later, you'll also experience the joy of teaching these same truths to friends and relatives who will be resurrected in the Great White Throne Judgment.
   So take full advantage of the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course by making the MOST of each vital lesson!
   The way you study the Bible with the Correspondence Course NOW, will definitely affect your future in The World Tomorrow!

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1965Vol XIV, No. 9