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I Kings

Good News Magazine
January 1968
Volume: Vol XVII, No. 01
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Hans Biegleiser

Dachau! Auschwitz! Starvation! Slave labor! Death! The Concentration Camps of Hitler's Reich were but the forerunners of yet more horrible times to come. Read this dramatic personal story from the lone surviving member of a German-Jewish family whom God has now called into His Church. This experience may make the difference for you in the next few years whether you are spurred to grow and overcome, qualifying to escape, or whether you relive this man's horror multiplied and capped by death! BONN was a small peaceful city during the early 1930's. As I remember it we played in the streets, parks and on the Rhine River. We got along with the kids in the neighborhood. Went to the Catholic Volks-Schule (public school). My father had a custom tailor shop adjoining the home which seems to have been the custom of that time with all the little trades people. The parents were always there. Our family consisted of my parents and older sister, and brother and me. The only thing different to us kids seemed to have been that we didn't go to church on Sundays like all the other kids.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1968Vol XVII, No. 01
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