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One of the tribes of Israel "is a fruitful bough ...whose branches run over the wall". Which tribe is referred to in this scripture?

Genesis 49:22

Deutschland unter Gott!
Good News Magazine
February 1968
Volume: Vol XVII, No. 02
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Deutschland unter Gott!
Hans Biegleiser  

It's more difficult than you might think for a concentration camp victim to repent. Concentration camp life sears the mind. It burns out love and tenderness immediately. Even normal human concern quickly falls by the wayside. Only love of self is left, swaddled in layers of consuming hatred, bitterness, revenge. Those who fall into these same Godless hands in the tribulation to come will have to be cleansed of these feelings - this warped mind - as they come humbly before their God for forgiveness. All hope is not lost, but it is the hard way to gain the Kingdom of God. Learn from Hans' lesson-and repent now! THE WAR was over now. The German millennium had come to an end after 12 years. My oppressors were more thoroughly beaten than they had ever been before.

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Good News MagazineFebruary 1968Vol XVII, No. 02