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Who am I: I am tall, dark and handsome and use to be extremely humble. I diligently obeyed my father. At my investiture as king, I hid. Afterwards, I disobeyed God and I lost the throne.

I Samuel 9-15

Portfolio: Ambassador College... California, England, Texas
Good News Magazine
July-August 1968
Volume: Vol XVII, No. 07-08
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Portfolio: Ambassador College... California, England, Texas
Good News Staff  

Field Assignments Announced in Forum. At last! After weeks of mounting suspense and anticipation, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong announced the permanent and summer field assignments and changes for 1968. He strode up to the rostrum in the May 13 Forum "loaded for bear" with a three-page list of assignments. Amidst gasps of amazement and shrieks for joy, he read the roster of forty-nine Ambassador Seniors headed for full-time field service in God's Work in the U. S. and Canada. Twenty-nine are from Pasadena, sixteen are from Big Sandy, and four will be sent over from Bricket Wood. Next Mr. Armstrong announced twenty-five summer assignments for students in Pasadena, and six for those in Big Sandy.

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Good News MagazineJuly-August 1968Vol XVII, No. 07-08