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Luke 17:11

SPECIAL REPORT - Ambassador College Transportation Department
Good News Magazine
March 1969
Volume: Vol XVIII, No. 3
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SPECIAL REPORT - Ambassador College Transportation Department
Robert L Kuhn  

We live in an Age of Wheels. God's Work couldn't possibly be done in this age without the trucks, buses, autos and special equipment of the Transportation Department. Here are the feet of the Work (Read Isaiah 52:7). Here's an inside, pictorial, view of that vital department. DURING 1969 God's Ministers will drive OVER EIGHT MILLION MILES to do their job of visiting, counselling, preaching, teaching, helping the brethren! That's the equivalent or more than eighteen round trips to the moon! The highways of the world air the "front line" of the ministers of God! More people by far died on the roads of America in 1967 than in the jungles of Vietnam - 53,000! Nearly two million suffered injuries. TEN BILLION DOLLARS were spent on accidents alone!

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Good News MagazineMarch 1969Vol XVIII, No. 3