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Acts 9:36

A Campus on the Grow: Ambassador College Big Sandy Campus
Good News Magazine
July-August 1970
Volume: Vol XIX, No. 3
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A Campus on the Grow: Ambassador College Big Sandy Campus
Ronald D Kelly & John W Robinson  

Over two years have elapsed since God's Church received a full report on our third Ambassador College. Big changes have occurred in that short interval - and more are planned in the future. Read how God is blessing and guiding the TEXAS Ambassador campus. THE WORK OF GOD continues to grow by leaps and bounds ! Virtually every facet of this worldwide organization is on the move. As a result of an intensive advertising campaign, additional television and radio stations, the new magazine TOMORROW'S WORLD, the "America, Listen" Campaigns and countless other advancements in the Work, we are now reaching one hundred fifty million people with Christ's warning message.

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Good News MagazineJuly-August 1970Vol XIX, No. 3