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What church era was promised to be pillars in the kingdom of God?

Revelation 3:12

Do You Really Desire God's Kingdom?
Good News Magazine
August 1971
Volume: Vol XX, No. 4
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Do You Really Desire God's Kingdom?

Do you still see the need for Christ's return? Or has the comfort and fine living of the Western world clouded your vision of the world's suffering masses? Read this eye-opening article from our office manager in the Philippines to see what conditions are really like in that part of the world! EVEN if the Work doesn't end as soon as some of us thought it would, that's fine with me. Life is pretty good and I'm enjoying it. I don't mind a few more years' enjoyment." These words, or words to this effect, were uttered by a member of God's Church, believe it or not! My wife and I were shocked! But Why Be Shocked? We were on a visit to Britain after our first five months in the Philippines. We brought with us an account of condition in that nation of almost 38 million people. More than ever before we had been able to see the startling contrast between the have and the have-not nations.

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Good News MagazineAugust 1971Vol XX, No. 4