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For what occasion did the disciples prepare in a friend's guest room?
The Passover.

Mark 14:14

What can YOU do for God's Work?
Good News Magazine
August 1971
Volume: Vol XX, No. 4
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What can YOU do for God's Work?
Alfred E Carrozzo & James J Young  

This is an age of noninvolvement - a time of self-interest and personal gain. No one, it seems, wants to become INVOLVED IN A CAME - no matter how great. What about YOU? Here's how you can become MORE INVOLVED in the greatest commission ever given to mankind! ALARMED government psychologists concluded recently that people can no longer be moved by causes - only benefits. "What's in it for me?" is the question most often asked. This is the generation of total "get" and never give - except to get. Our system has been founded on the principles of acquisition: "Buy now and pay later!" "Fly now and pay later," scream the ads. "Get that new car off your mind and into your driveway," pleads the auto industry.

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Good News MagazineAugust 1971Vol XX, No. 4