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Uzzah died when he touched what?
The ark.

II Samuel 6:6-7

A Modern-Day Great Adventure
Good News Magazine
May-June 1972
Volume: Vol XXI, No. 3
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A Modern-Day Great Adventure
Jerry W Webb  

Orr, Minnesota, IN THE midst of the natural beauty of North America, God has provided a unique educational program for the youth of His people. It is the Imperial Schools summer educational facility at Orr, Minnesota. Here, preserved among groves of white birch, northern pine and black maple, the Imperial Summer Educational Program is pioneering an ADVENTURE in true education and recreation. This 220-acre forestland nestled on the shores of Pelican Lake in the north-woods of Minnesota, offers to the young people of God's Church an exciting summer of thrills, adventure, good-times and many rewards! Experience of a Lifetime. Today, most sophisticated peoples lead a life marked by weakness, softness and love of ease.

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Good News MagazineMay-June 1972Vol XXI, No. 3