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UPDATE: The Good News comes of age
Good News Magazine
November 1973
Volume: Vol XXII, No. 4
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UPDATE: The Good News comes of age
Good News Staff  

Although the first Good News appeared as seven mimeographed sheets in 1939, volume 1, number 1 dates from April 1951. This makes today's Good News a full-grown magazine, 22 1/2 years of age. Not only has its circulation grown from a few hundred scattered members of the Worldwide Church of God to a few hundred thousand, now including dedicated co-workers, its format has also come of age. Long-time subscribers will note these changes, but for the benefit of our thousands of new subscribers, we present this capsule history of The Good News and the "Work" (College and Church) which sponsors it. In future issues, this column, titled "Update," will bring you the latest news and trends taking place at Ambassador College, the Worldwide Church of God, and other facets of the "Work." This introductory column will skim rapidly over the past 22 1/2 years.

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Good News MagazineNovember 1973Vol XXII, No. 4
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