The Missing Dimension In Sex
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1971
Volume: Vol XXXVI, No.8
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The Missing Dimension In Sex

Personal from Herbert W. Armstrong

   HERE ARE a few recent news headlines and magazine article captions:
   "Swinging {wife-swapping} Couples - a Modern Sexual Phenomenon"
   "Psychologists Seek Play Pens That Make Sex Fun for Kids"
   "Sex in the 70's - an Era of Experiments for Youth"
   "Practicing Marriage Without a License"
   "Group Nudity Called Cure for Loneliness"
   "Premarital Conceptions Found High"
   "Britain's First Sex Supermarket Opens in London Today"
   "Dramatic Increases in Co-eds Engaging in Premarital Sex"
   The Western world is becoming sex-drunk. Morals have taken a sudden plunge into the cesspool.
   "Swingers" is the term used by married couples who participate in group parties - or orgies - where husbands swap wives – disrobed in bed. In the past three months many newspaper and magazine articles have appeared, describing this suddenly fast-growing phenomenon.
   The Sunday Times (London), in illustrations five columns wide, showed front views of both men and women, completely nude. There was no retouching. Alongside was a picture of a man and woman in sexual intercourse, nude in bed. Under the pictures was this caption: "BBC scores big hit with children's sex film." And under it this subhead: "3,000 schools buy it; one teacher out of 100 says 'pornographic'."
   Leading in the parade of public advocacy of promiscuous sex – nothing barred - are the psychoanalysts, psychologists, and even sociologists. These doctors are lending a professional aura of respectability to adultery, promiscuity and perversion, under the catchphrase: "The New Morality." It is neither new, nor morality. But it is becoming "accepted" more and more by society, and spreading like a prairie fire!
   Dr. Robert A. Harper is a Washington psychologist. At sessions of the American Psychological Association, held in Washington D. C., he is reported to have told one group that parents should get together "to encourage, help and foster sexual play in their pre-adolescent children." He advocated play-pens for nursery-school children, in which "vigorous and joyful sex-play" should be encouraged.
   I feel that many do not realize the extent to which modern psychologists are swaying the world into a collapse of healthy home and family life, leading toward total degeneration of the human race. One statement Dr. Harper is reported to have made is significant: His plan for sexual play pens is reported as but one part of a "revolutionary program to demolish certain cherished myths in our social morality." He adds: "I think we need blockbuster intensive therapeutic efforts, financed by the Federal government and run independently of the schools." The plan would even go so far as taking away most persons' right to reproduce!
   What's really back of this morals revolution, now sweeping the world? Few realize what has happened!
   These misled "swingers" – these dupes going into "group sex" and "group therapy" - these co-eds following blindly the fast-growing trend toward premarital sex - these mixed-up deluded hippies - these homosexual perverts - all are merely the deceived victims. They are like dumb sheep going to the slaughter in a trail of filth. They are being led into character- pollution and degeneracy, started and fostered by the professional psychologists.
   What actually has HAPPENED?
   Few know. These professional "mind experts" do not even know what the human mind is, and what is the difference between animal brain and human mind! They themselves are criminally IGNORANT!
   There is a MISSING DIMENSION in human knowledge!
   And what one doesn't know, he DOESN'T KNOW THAT HE DOESN'T KNOW IT! And in their vanity of self-complacency, these "experts" suppose they know all that is to be known about the human mind!
   What IS RIGHT about sex anything?
   What is WRONG in the area of sex?
   What is truly beneficial to participants - and what is harmful and destructive?
   Do people know? Do the professional psychologists and sociologists know? Emphatically they DO NOT!
   In all the published knowledge and instruction about sex and marriage, the most vitally needed dimension has been missing!
   Let me tell you what has happened. And then I'll tell you WHY!

Battering Down Traditions

   Today revolt is in the air. Revolt is everywhere, against almost everything! Yet in no grievance is revolt so widespread as that against the repressive moral codes of traditional Christianity.
   What was the real origin of the traditional Christian morality?
   The truth is, it came neither from Christ, nor the original apostles, nor from the Bible. But Christianity, after its first generation, absorbed the pagan dualism of Greece, and pasted the label "sinful" on sex. Through the centuries since - until the two world wars in this century - the prudish attitude of shame governed moral standards. And because sex was viewed as indecent, degrading, shameful - as sinful even in marriage, except for procreation - dissemination of knowledge about sex was forcibly withheld from the public.
   But what were the fruits of that dualistic concept of virtue? Some 90% of marriages were rendered unhappy - many utterly miserable – frustrated and unbearable - due to false attitudes and sex ignorance.
   The Founder of true Christianity taught no such prudishness! Jesus never represented sex as anything other than that which our Maker designed and created - and all that He had created God pronounced "very good." Jesus taught against wrong uses of sex. He forgave a repentant woman caught in the act of adultery, with the admonition, "Go, and sin no more." The original apostles never deviated from that teaching. The Biblical teaching throughout is the same.
   Then finally came along Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis. About 1904 he reached a startling conclusion. Resulting from his clinical experiences, researches, and faulty human reason - ignorant of the vital MISSING DIMENSION in knowledge – Freud came to the conclusion that sexual repression, plus the attitude of shame and feelings of guilt, plus ignorance about sex, were the causes of neuroses and other mental disorders.
   He and his followers in psychiatry leaped all the way to the opposite EXTREME! They urged knowledge dissemination, sex instruction, and complete sexual freedom - in or out of marriage, as the panacea.

Moral Barriers Crumble

   In the wake of World War I, this agitation plus after-effects of the war toppled the legal barriers banning dissemination of instruction about sex. The moral barriers began crumbling also.
   The first World War made many changes in behavior patterns. Women took jobs - and kept them after the war. Wives became financially independent of husbands. Family and home life began breaking down. Divorce rates rose. War conditions produced "victory girls" and a general relaxing of moral standards.
   World War II shot morals into the gutter. Permissiveness became the current fad. The psychologists intensified their propaganda. The MORAL REVOLUTION was on! The world continued throwing off the restraints.
   The world at last had emerged from the age of hush!
   The devil appeared "as an angel of light." Immorality was given a cloak of respectability under the catch-phrase "The NEW MORALITY." Immorality became moral. Wrong became right.
   And now, in just the past very few years, morals have taken a new and accelerating nose-dive into the cesspool.
   The world has "progressed" past "topless" restaurants in cities – then past "bottomless" - and, to entertain certain small lust-gripped audiences, actual live sexual intercourse in the nude performed on stage! Today every form of sex and mental perversion is spreading at accelerated pace - homosexuality, swinging, group sex orgies, bestiality, sexual play-pens for preschool children, lust-arousing pornography a giant industry, fast-growing drug addiction - fast-increasing numbers of humans literally DESTROYING THEMSELVES!
   Can this be RIGHT?
   Can this be best for the human individual?
   Can this build a healthy, happy, prosperous nation or civilization?
   WHAT, after all, IS right?
   Do humans know right from wrong? They have always supposed so. But they've been WRONG!
   Millions of Roman Catholics – and probably millions of Protestants and others - still believe any use of sex outside of marriage is WRONG. They believe it is a SIN! But millions now following the mis-named "New Morality" believe complete sexual freedom is RIGHT. They believe denial and repression are WRONG! They can't BOTH know right from wrong!
   What, then, is the TRUTH?
   The truth is that the former repression and maintained ignorance was WRONG! The results proved it. And the new flaunting of all morality is far more wrong, because it is leading to far worse results!
   The TRUTH is that the most tragically needed DIMENSION in knowledge about sex and marriage has been MISSING!
   This vital dimension has not been known. Freud did not know it! Today's psychologists are ignorant of this vital dimension of knowledge. It was missing from the knowledge disseminated by a traditional Christianity which set moral codes for so many centuries.
   And, what they did not, and do not know, they simply did not, and do not know that they don't know it!
   Can there be ANYTHING more important to know?

The Missing Dimension

   Recently Ambassador College published, as a public service, not to be sold, a VERY IMPORTANT BOOK. It is a book of 236 pages, titled, The Missing Dimension In Sex.
   This important book makes plain the MISSING DIMENSION in knowledge of sex and marriage. It makes plain the reason WHY this vital knowledge has been missing!
   It gives frank answers to questions you may have been too embarrassed to ask! It's a surprising, eye-opening book. It is a message of UNDERSTANDING in the wilderness of confusion.
   When I see all these current newspaper stories and magazine articles reporting the TRAGIC facts that threaten the very existence of human society on earth, I feel I simply have to do what may be done to get the TRUE ANSWER to the morals problem before as many million people as possible. If I could give you the answer here, in The PLAIN TRUTH. I would. But space does not permit. So I offer, entirely gratis, your free copy. It is knowledge heretofore unpublished.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1971Vol XXXVI, No.8