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When Mary Magdalene saw Jesus after he was risen from the dead, who did she think he was?
The gardener

John 20:14-15

The Work in Britain: THE BEST IS YET TO COME
Good News Magazine
July 1976
Volume: Vol XXV, No. 7
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The Work in Britain: THE BEST IS YET TO COME
Brian Knowles & D Paul Graunke  

First impressions have a way of sticking with you. Arriving this spring on the campus of Ambassador College set in the beautiful "green belt" north of London was a meaningful and enlightening experience. Soft, cumulus clouds looked heavy with rain. The greens, browns and soft blues of the rolling English countryside were muted by a moist haze. The campus was all but deserted. An End and a New Beginning. No more could one see the bustling activity of hundreds of students from many nations around the globe on the magnificently manicured grounds of Ambassador College, Bricket Wood. The college buildings and grounds are now up for sale.

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Good News MagazineJuly 1976Vol XXV, No. 7