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To whom did Jesus say, "The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak?"
The disciples.

Matthew 26:41

Quest/77 The Magazine of Human Potential
Good News Magazine
December 1976
Volume: Vol XXV, No. 12
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Quest/77 The Magazine of Human Potential
Robert L Kuhn & Stanley R Rader  

Last month we reproduced the first part of a special report commissioned by Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong that explained the objectives and goals of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, with special emphasis on its relationship to the Work and to the Church. This month we feature the second part of the report, which focuses on the AICF's forthcoming new publication. Again, we would certainly appreciate any comments you have. Many people have been wanting to know how our new publication is developing - who is involved in it, when it will be launched and what originally sparked off the concept of having such a new magazine. To answer these questions, we present the history of one of AICF's major projects. In addition, we would like to give you an insight into the field of commercial publishing and an update of current progress and plans.

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Good News MagazineDecember 1976Vol XXV, No. 12