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What will happen to the merciful?
They shall receive mercy.

Matthew 5:7
Stan Rader addresses church: 'How to do business God's way.'
Good News Magazine
August 28, 1978
Volume: Vol VI, No. 18
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Stan Rader addresses church: 'How to do business God's way.'

When I first met Mr. Armstrong, he made something very plain to me that I feel is worth sharing with you today. I was taking notes as he was speaking. And he was talking about the question of what is a real Christian. When I first met Mr. Armstrong, we didn't really talk all that much about things spiritual because that wasn't the proper setting. He had called upon me to solve some specific problems and we were talking about those problems. But very soon it became apparent I would be representing the Church in many different ways. And I would always be acting on behalf of the Church for the most part with persons or institutions on the outside of the organization. He wanted me to be certain that I understood that there was God's way of doing business and there was the other way of doing business. And he wanted me to be certain at all times to do business in God's way.

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Good News MagazineAugust 28, 1978Vol VI, No. 18
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