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What bit Paul on the Island of Malta?
A snake.

Acts 28

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Good News Magazine
October 9, 1978
Volume: Vol VI, No. 21
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Questions & Answers
Good News Staff  

My 10-year-old worries about taking off from school to attend the Feast or Tabernacles: Last year his grades suffered after the Feast. What can I do to help him? Member The Feast is the highlight of the year for many children - a time to travel to new places, do new fun things, perhaps receive some gifts their parents cannot afford at other times. But the fact that they miss school and perhaps fall behind their classmates can be a problem. This approach has been successful for many: You as the parent or parents (not the child) go to the teachers prior to the Feast and politely explain that you and your children will be away attending a Church convention and politely ask permission for your child to be excused from classes for that purpose.

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Good News MagazineOctober 9, 1978Vol VI, No. 21