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World's Trouble Areas - What Could Happen
Plain Truth Magazine
October 1971
Volume: Vol XXXVI, No.10
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World's Trouble Areas - What Could Happen

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - MUCH OF my time, this past year, has been spent ln the two major trouble areas of the world - the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. In a very troubled world, I not only have visited the trouble zones, but I have had many personal talks with Heads-of-State, and other top officials in these areas. I have had private discussions with four presidents, three kings, three prime ministers, two crown princes, numerous top-ranking ministers, cabinet members, including foreign secretaries. Also I have talked with members of parliaments or equivalent lawmaking bodies comparable to the U. S. Senate. And in addition, I have had conferences with presidents and leading professors of universities and colleges.

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1971Vol XXXVI, No.10