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Why did Joseph's brothers go to Egypt?
To buy food.

Genesis 42:3
IRAN TODAY: Nation With a Mission
Plain Truth Magazine
January 1972
Volume: Vol XXXVII, No.1
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IRAN TODAY: Nation With a Mission

Dramatic changes are taking place in Iran. This ancient and oil-rich land - long a crossroads between East and West - has risen from a deep slumber to become a new force in the Middle East. "We have emerged from the world of the dead!" This triumphant "rebirth announcement" was heralded in the Kayhan International, an English language daily published in Teheran, Iran's bustling capital. The occasion was the beginning, last October 12, of the undisputed "Celebration of the Century" - the 2,500th anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire by Cyrus the Great. Iran, proclaimed the same newspaper proudly, "was back on the map as a living country." From now on the revived nation is destined, it said, to have "an important role to play in the contemporary world."

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1972Vol XXXVII, No.1
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