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On what occasion did Israel give so liberally they had to be restrained?
When building the tabernacle.

Exodus 36:6
Peace-Seeking Mission to China... and WHY There Is No Peace
Plain Truth Magazine
March-April 1972
Volume: Vol XXXVII, No.3
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Peace-Seeking Mission to China... and WHY There Is No Peace

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - PRESIDENT NIXON'S visit China was called a to Communist peace-seeking mission. For thousands of years heads of nations have been seeking PEACE. Yet none have found it! WHY? We may not have much more time to come up with the right answer! For the first time, during these millenniums of peace-seeking, it is now possible for some nation's leader to touch off the nuclear war that can ERASE ALL HUMANITY FROM THE EARTH! This search for peace cannot go on another thousand years! We need the right answer - and we need it NOW!

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch-April 1972Vol XXXVII, No.3
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