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They spoke in other tongues.

Acts 2:4

SEX Begins at Home - for Teen-agers with Careless Parents
Plain Truth Magazine
January 1973
Volume: Vol XXXVIII, No.1
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SEX Begins at Home - for Teen-agers with Careless Parents
Paul W Kroll  

Where does a teen-ager's first sexual experience occur? In an automobile? A motel? An isolated spot? Overwhelmingly, in none of these places. Most often, teen-agers engage in premarital sex right at home while parents are away. "We went up to my girlfriend's house and sat around listening to records," was one teen-ager's story of how it happened. "Her parents had gone to the lake for the weekend or something. We were just sitting there. We started playing around, just kissing and thenů." It was to be their first experience at sexual intercourse. Another teen-ager put it this way: "My girlfriend was babysitting for these people. And they didn't mind me coming over. She put the kids to bed, and we were watching television. Then we sorta got close and began to kiss andů." So went the experience of another couple. This time an unwanted pregnancy was the tragic outcome. In both cases, parents had allowed teen-agers to use their home without supervision.

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1973Vol XXXVIII, No.1