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Happiness Is...
Plain Truth Magazine
January 1973
Volume: Vol XXXVIII, No.1
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Happiness Is...
Charles F Vinson  

How many times have you thought, I'd be happy, if only…."? The daydream usually continues with "If only I had more money," or, "if only I had married someone else," or, "if only I could change jobs," or, "if only I had better health." Always "if only." Is happiness the impossible dream? Why does it always seem to be somewhere around the corner, off in the vague future, but never really right now? Certainly there are reasons enough for the world's all-too-common victims of war, disease, hunger and poverty to be less than satisfied with living. But what makes most Americans, Britons, Japanese, Germans - peoples who, in the main, enjoy a higher degree of human comfort than most of the other peoples of the world - so often dissatisfied, unfulfilled, empty and discouraged? Why can't these people be happy? The answer is deceptively simple. No one has ever told them how to achieve happiness.

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1973Vol XXXVIII, No.1