Know The Answer?
Who blessed Ephraim and Manasseh?
Israel (Jacob).

Genesis 48:14

Plain Truth Magazine
July-August 1973
Volume: Vol XXXVIII, No.7
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Societies have struggled with this human vice over the centuries. Now, some authorities favor legalization as a means of control. But is this the real answer? Carol is an attractive young woman who makes a living as a prostitute. Born and reared in Miami Beach, Florida, her father died while she was still a little girl. After his death, her mother became a prostitute and taught her daughter the trade. Carol now lives in an upper-middle-class home and has a telephone answering service. She hustles the local bars around town, passing on her phone number to certain individuals. Interested men call her and a recorded voice says: "Hi, this is Carol. If you want to leave a message, leave your phone number and I'll call you back." Carol can call home from a bar, get the messages through a recording, and contact her clients.

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly-August 1973Vol XXXVIII, No.7