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FEBRUARY 1934 The Plain Truth Magazine Is Born
Plain Truth Magazine
January 1975
Volume: Vol XL, No.1
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FEBRUARY 1934 The Plain Truth Magazine Is Born

Editor's Note: The following material is composed of excerpts taken from volume I of The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong regarding the birth of the first Plain Truth magazine in 1934 and the first professionally printed edition in 1938. The time came for finally realizing the dream I had cherished since 1927 the publication of a magazine to be called The Plain Truth. Back in 1927 I had made up an entire "dummy" of this proposed magazine. I had even written articles for it. I even had a professional letter artist design a front cover idea in 1927 - and I had tried designing one myself. But we had never had the "wherewithal" to start publishing a magazine. This ambition to publish The Plain Truth was the natural outgrowth of earlier business experience. Much of my 20 years of advertising experience had been spent in the class magazine field. Now, at last, I realized that this magazine was a "must" as a follow-up for the radio broadcast. Yet we were no more able, financially, than we had been in 1927.

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1975Vol XL, No.1