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IN BRIEF: A Hollow Victory for Dr. Kissinger
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1975
Volume: Vol XL, No.20
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IN BRIEF: A Hollow Victory for Dr. Kissinger

In January 1973 the Israeli and Egyptian forces signed what was referred to as the 101 Disengagement Pact. The actual signing took place in the Sinai and was executed by the respective field commanders of the opposing forces. Immediately thereafter, to lend a little pomp and circumstance to the military formalities, Henry Kissinger flew to Aswan in upper Egypt to "celebrate" the occasion with President Sadat. Mr. Herbert Armstrong and I were already in Aswan, having arrived an hour earlier than Dr. Kissinger with members of a Japanese delegation. The following day, after conferring with Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Abdel Hatem, we flew to Israel for a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Yigael Allon (who is now Israel's foreign minister as well). I was very much interested in knowing just what Dr. Kissinger's role had been in bringing about the so called disengagement pact, and I asked Mr. Allon directly for his assessment.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1975Vol XL, No.20