WHY NOT? The Age of Blah!
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1977
Volume: Vol XLII, No.3
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WHY NOT? The Age of Blah!

   We live in an age of Blah despite space travel, potential thermonuclear extinction, increase in major earthquakes, unprecedented population-explosion/famine bomb about to explode, runaway inflation (with world depression on its heels), a plethora of crises from ecology to education.
   We live in an age of Blah because original thinking is at its nadir. Despite the fact that there are nearly as many life styles as there are people, and many brag about "doing their own thing" but hardly anyone does. We are assaulted on every side by politicians on the one hand and the press on the other, with advertising hitting us head on! We are told what, when and how to think, act, buy, do and most of us do as we are told!
   We are all forced into a dry, dull mold. We're the Pepsi generation, pop-bottle babies. We alleviate the pain at one end with aspirin and at the other with Preparation H. We smother the rest with roll-ons, spray and aerosol unguents, powders and oils. Time, required for proper enjoyment of the quality life, is just not available (though we have the same 24 hours a day all our forefathers did since Adam and Eve in the Garden) so we substitute profit-making (for someone else) "instants" for as many facets of life as possible: instant coffee, instant tea, instant you and me! Instant TV meals(?). Instant Cup-A-Soup. Instant divorce. Instant potatoes, tomatoes and puddings,
   Paper diapers clog our toilets or are a potential cause of disease at the dump.
   Beige is our favorite color, Bland is our favorite brand.
   Easy credit, no-pain payments: buy now, pay... later...
   Why not get out of the rut? And live, just a little,
   Why not go to the grocery store, get some good meat and some fresh (not frozen or instant) vegetables, some spices of your own choosing and come home and make a good Irish stew, that takes two days before it really tastes good?
   Why not turn the TV off for a week and read a good book instead, or build a cabinet, or sew a new dress, or attend a lecture with the whole family, go to the zoo, have a picnic (weather permitting), take a walk?
   Why not take some time to THINK about why you do the things you do, or don't do?
   Why not?

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1977Vol XLII, No.3