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Plain Truth Magazine
January 1978
Volume: Vol XLIII, No.1
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David Jon Hill   
Church of God

Died: Nov 24, 2003
Member Since: 1951

Making resolutions especially at this time of year is easy. It's keeping them that is the problem. It doesn't have to be New Year's Eve. Every day is a new day. And make an easy one. Don't be so hard on yourself and set such standards you will never accomplish anything. Don't try to change yourself overnight. Think small but above all ACT! One small change could change your whole life! How about: "I resolve to read the Bible a little bit every day." Begin with Genesis, that's the first page, and it even means "beginning." How about: "I resolve not to watch television more than three hours a day." That ought to be easier than you think and think of the time it will free up for doing something you've wanted to for so long. At least resolve not to believe 90 plus percent of what you see on the thing. How about: "I resolve to eat natural foods and get off the junk food kick!" It's cheaper, tastes better, makes you healthier and cuts down on doctor bills. How about: "I resolve to tell my wife (husband) I love her (him) at least once a month and give the kids a hug (while they're not watching TV)!" We've got some little booklets that would help on these and many other resolutions. The titles: Read the Book, Managing Your Personal Finances, Your Marriage Can Be Happy, and Principles of Healthful Living. Resolve to write for one or all; they're free. Why not?

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1978Vol XLIII, No.1
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