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The North-South Dialogue: Cooperation or Confrontation?
Plain Truth Magazine
February 1978
Volume: Vol XLIII, No.2
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The North-South Dialogue: Cooperation or Confrontation?
D Paul Graunke  

Communist East and capitalist West discuss ways to sustain 'an uneasy detente. But another dialogue between the developed nations of the Northern Hemisphere and the developing nations of the Southern Hemisphere could have an equal impact on prospects for world peace. While the discussions over SALT and nuclear testing between East and West grab most of the headlines and public attention; another dialogue has been going on that could be equally as significant to world order. It is a dialogue between North and South: the North in this case being the developed, industrialized countries located for the most part in the Northern Hemisphere (the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Japan), and the South the developing nations of Latin America, Africa and Asia. At issue is the wide gap in per capita incomes between developed and developing nations. While the developed North enjoys a per capita income of over $3,000 a year, the average income' in Latin America is only about $600 per person a year, and in South Asia, in such countries as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, it is less than $200.

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Plain Truth MagazineFebruary 1978Vol XLIII, No.2