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During what special occasion did Herod arrest Peter?
Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Acts 12:3

Plain Truth Magazine
April 1978
Volume: Vol XLIII, No.4
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George P Ritter

While most people endorse the virtues of energy conservation, few seem willing to do anything about it. It's always the "other guy" who needs to save energy. As this article will show, too many people in our society have too big a vested interest in energy waste to want to give it up. Energy!" "Conservation!" "Diminishing resources!" "Hogwash! Those aren't the real problems. What we really need is a good healthy dose of increased productivity and profits." "All this talk about zero growth smacks of economic heresy. It's tantamount to saying depression!" "The way to put out a fire is with more fire. Never mind that the water in the fire hose is down to a trickle." Absurd, preposterous, you say. No one could rationally hold such positions. Nobody that is except: 1) many corporate executives; 2) numerous labor leaders; 3) countless legislators and officials in federal, state and local government.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1978Vol XLIII, No.4
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