Plain Truth Magazine
May 1978
Volume: Vol XLIII, No.5
Issue: ISSN 0032-0420
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   The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" said Chicken Little. What with hydrocarbons, aerosols and plummeting Cosmos satellites, little did we realize how accurate the little "turkey" would prove to be. But, obviously, this prattle of dire global problems must be ignored. After all, this old world has been around for millennia while prophets of doom have been predicting its imminent end.
   And more minor problems are best ignored as well. Maybe the problems will go away if we ignore them. Here is an exercise in how to ignore the problems.
   Ignore the problem in Southeast Asia. There is no such thing as the domino effect. Ignore the fact that South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia have been taken over by Communist governments. Ignore the fact that incursions are being made into Thailand, Indonesia,

Weather upsets? Drought? Flooding? Severe winters? Those are all cyclical. They come and go. Not to worry.
India and some other countries we don't even know the names of, much less where they are located.
   Africa is no problem. Cuban troops in Angola and Ethiopia - along with Soviet pilots flying sophisticated modern jet fighters - are only there to staff hospitals, help with the general welfare, build roads. Really, what has the Horn of Africa got to do with us?
   Concentrate on South Africa where real wrongs are being committed. What does Capetown mean to you when the rights of certain groups are being abridged? Ignore Uganda and Idi Amin - or any similar African situation. Ignore the fact that more blacks have died at his hand in just a few years than during the entire fiasco of over two centuries of colonialism.
   Italy and France may vote a majority of communists into their governments? Ignore that fact. Italy (which in the memory of some of us was Fascist not too long ago) and France have always been in the Western camp.
   The sky is falling? Ridiculous! Take with a grain of SALT that bit of news. We will reach an accord, a detente. The fact that the Soviets have hunter - killer satellites capable of destroying our military communications system established in space should be ignored!
The sky is falling? Take with a grain of SALT that bit of news.
   We'll promise not to make any space weapons, and they will promise to destroy all those they have already made.
   The Panama Canal? Who needs it? We really never had sovereignty over that piece of real estate in the first place. In an age of supertankers and ICBM missiles, the Canal is obsolete and archaic in any case. Ignore the facts. Who should really own the Canal anyway? The Panamanians? The Colombians? The Spaniards? Sasquatch?
   Population explosion? Just a myth. Ignore the fact that the world will have more than seven billion souls before the year 2000.
   Famine? On a worldwide scale? It will never happen! Ignore the fact that today more people die every day of starvation than at any time in recorded history.
   Pollution bringing us to the brink of catastrophe? No way! Whole river systems are being cleaned up; new environmental laws are in effect. Ignore the fact that one-third of all sea life has been destroyed in your lifetime - and forget that one-third of the food for mankind comes from the sea.
   Weather upsets? Drought? Flooding? Severe winters? Those are all cyclical. They come and go. Not to worry - ignore the facts.
   Nuclear proliferation? The possibility that mankind might yet destroy his own and all other species from off this planet? Ignore the fact that for the first time in history it is entirely possible. It hasn't happened yet!
   Why not ignore the facts - it's more comfortable that way!

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1978Vol XLIII, No.5ISSN 0032-0420