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Who are we: We are scattered and very small. We are persecuted by all. We keep God's commandments and it sure makes us a happy lot. One day we will shed this body, and rise to meet Jesus Christ in the sky.
The Church of God

Plain Truth Magazine
May 1980
Volume: Vol 45, No.5
Issue: ISSN 0032-0420
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Keith W Stump  

Bible prophecy reveals the startling future of the nations and peoples on the outer rim of Asia! We can know! More than one third of the Bible is prophecy-most of it for our day! Puzzled geopolitical analysts wonder what will happen next in the volatile South Asia region. They simply do not know what ultimately will become of Iran, of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and adjoining nations. But you can know!

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1980Vol 45, No.5ISSN 0032-0420