Open Doors for Christ's Gospel!
Good News Magazine
December 1983
Volume: VOL. XXX, NO. 10
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Open Doors for Christ's Gospel!
Michael A Snyder  

Jesus declared that nothing could stop the good news of God's Kingdom from being thundered worldwide in this end time. That prophecy is being fulfilled!

   "These things says He who is holy ... I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it" (Rev. 3:7-8).
   These words, spoken by Christ Himself, were preserved to point to God's true Church in the closing days of this age.
   Christ knew that His original Gospel message — the message that God's government will be reestablished on this earth — would be rejected and vigorously suppressed within a half century of His resurrection.
   Yet Jesus declared that, before His Second Coming, "This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come" (Matt. 24:14).

The message goes out

   Today, this prophecy is being fulfilled by a "little flock" — the small group of Christians who hold that promise of Revelation 3:7-8.
   In countries all over the earth — on every inhabited continent — Christ's original message of good news is heard, undiluted, on the World Tomorrow radio and television programs and through the personal evangelism of Good News Editor-in-Chief Herbert W. Armstrong.
   In addition to the spoken word, Christ's Gospel and God's way of life is authoritatively expounded monthly in seven languages, through the pages of The Plain Truth. Each month, more than six million copies of The Plain Truth — the only magazine that explains world events and social phenomena in light of God's revealed truth — find their way into homes and offices worldwide.
   "THINK ON THIS!" wrote Mr. Armstrong, who also serves as Plain Truth Editor-in-Chief, when the magazine's circulation was growing into the millions during the late 1970s. "We are the only voice in the wilderness of today's evils, frustrations, discouragements, with the world's ONLY HOPE — and its one SURE HOPE of happiness, abundance and eternal life."

Communicating the truth

   The 20th-century preaching of Christ's message presents a unique paradox. In the first century A.D., the original apostles preached in Jewish synagogues, where existed practically the only available copies of the Scriptures. Except for a few circulating letters from the apostles, virtually none of what we have come to know today as the New Testament was widely available.
   This unavailability of God's Word continued for several centuries. Even if someone was lucky enough to have access to a copy of the Scriptures, odds were that he or she was unable to read it! Literacy rates were abysmally low for common folk up until modern times.
   Today it is different. Today literacy rates are hundreds of times higher. Billions of people can read at least one language. Further, unlike the situation in the first century, the Bible is widely available in hundreds of different languages and dialects. It is often referred to as the best-selling book of all time.
   Unfortunately, most treat this precious book as an icon, placing it prominently on a bookshelf and allowing it to collect dust — only occasionally removing it to mark the date of births and deaths in their immediate family.
   How tragic!
   Thus the purpose of The Plain Truth — to authoritatively declare the causes and solutions of humanity's ills. The Plain Truth takes as its focal point the Bible, explaining and expounding long-forgotten truths that humanity knows little of.
   It is only The Plain Truth that fully explains the relevance of the Bible in the light of today's confusing world events. Hence its title for a half century: The PLAIN Truth.
   Many programs have been undertaken to enlarge the circulation and expose more people to Christ's message.

Circulation programs

   Through a vigorous newsstand program originally begun in 1971, millions of Plain Truths have been picked up and read throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and elsewhere. More than 2.8 million Plain Truths are distributed monthly this way. A significant portion of this distribution is done by volunteers from the Worldwide Church of God, the Church that publishes the magazine.
   Through a number of programs, volunteers offer free subscriptions for waiting rooms of doctors, dentists and other professionals and restock newsstands in grocery stores, department stores, airports and other places.
   In the United States, two major programs were developed.
   One, lighted newsstand displays were placed in major airports and other transportation centers. This means that millions annually can pick up personal copies of The Plain Truth to read while riding on planes, buses and trains.
   Two, hundreds of other outlets were obtained in supermarkets, allowing customers to pick up a free copy of the magazine while shopping. Elson's gift stores, a prestigious gift store chain with outlets in major hotels throughout the United States, also prominently display free newsstand copies of The Plain Truth.
   Many of these outlets are in hotels where major scientific, political, foreign policy and other conventions and meetings regularly take place. Thus, a whole new group of people — many of the "movers and shakers" of this human age — are exposed to Christ's full-strength message.
   Newsstand programs are also expanding in Spanish, French and other editions. Today it is possible to pick up a copy of The Plain Truth at Piccadilly Circus in London, England; at the World Trade Center in New York City; at major hotels in Washington, D.C.; and at thousands of other locations worldwide.
   Long suppressed, the good news of a soon-coming age of peace and prosperity thunders worldwide for the first time in 1,900 years.
   Yes, with Christ's own unbreakable promise (Rev. 3:7-8), The Plain Truth will continue to help fulfill what has become known as the great commission — delivering the message of the coming Kingdom of God to all the nations as a witness.
   And no human power can stop it!

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Good News MagazineDecember 1983VOL. XXX, NO. 10